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5 - STAR Education

Kogbodi International School

At KIS, one of our priorities is to make sure students are prepared for the next level whether that next level be from Nursery school to primary school, Primary school to JSS, JSS to SSS or from Senior Secondary School to Universities and Polytechnics. More than, 96% of our graduates proceed to the High Institution of their choice. Our School Academic Program is centered on the development of language, learning skills- including reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary and Technical capabilities.

  • Number of Class
  • Number of Class Arms
    about 75
  • Number of Students
    Over 1,000
  • Certifications
    3 to 4
  • Number of Academic Staff
    Over 90
  • Average Teacher Student Ratio

The subjects offered at the verious stages of schooloing in KIS are designed to meet the requirements for admission to the next higher section and to prepare your kids for life.

Basic Admission Requirement :

  • Result Transcript from previous school where applicable,
  • Pass grade in Entrance examination,
  • Guarantors Reference Letter.

All schools within KIS are committed to providing quality instruction designed to meet the academic, social, emotional and behavioral needs of each and every student.

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