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as at 1st Jan, 2020

Creche, PreNursery & Nursery School


The KIS Creche, PreNursery & Nursery School is a community of Infants and Nursery School for children between one and six years old. Play is the best context in which children learn. At KIS Nursery School, our curriculum helps children become independent, negotiate conflicts, and build relationships. Through the combination of self-directed play and guidance from our educators, students at KIS Nursery School become real thinkers. Whether the problem is how to negotiate a turn on the tire swing or cooperatively build a block bridge across the classroom, KIS nursery students acquire the social and critical thinking skills necessary for success in Kindergarten and beyond. We have a Nursery school with classes in Creche, Prenursery 1, Prenursery 2 and Nursery 1-3 spread over 3 arms: Gallant, Genius and Glamour.

  • Duration
    5-6 Years
  • No of Subjects
  • Certification
  • Head of The Department
  • Total Course fee

The subjects offered at the verious stages of schooloing in KIS are designed to meet the requirements for admission to the next higher section and to prepare your kids for life.

Basic Admission Requirement :

  • Result Transcript from previous school where applicable,
  • Pass grade in Entrance examination,
  • Guarantors Reference Letter.

All schools within KIS are committed to providing quality instruction designed to meet the academic, social, emotional and behavioral needs of each and every student.

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