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Information & Technology.

KIS aims to educate staff and students:

  • To use ICT effectively to support and develop their lifelong learning.
  • To use ICT as an effective and efficient teaching, learning, communication and management tool throughout the school.
  • To continuously improve the ICT capability of students and staff.
  • To provide access to high quality ICT resources and support for staff and students.
The school’s policy is to use and develop the opportunities provided by ICT to benefit the entire school community. This includes communicating with parents through mails, providing them access to view students scorecard and progress online and providing parents frequent updates on students performance via an automated sms system.
The kogbodi ICT department is affiliated with the Federal Uninversity of Technolgy Owerri and the Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro. We provide certification courses to student beyond our regular student.

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