Basic School

Hello and welcome to the KIS Basic school section. Formercalled the 'Primary School Section', the KIS basic school is a six class pre-secondary school located in campus B of the the three school campuses. At the KIS basic 1-6, we take great pride in providing your children with an outstanding educational experience. Superb academics, a wide range of extracurricular activities, excellent competitive athletics, direct leadership education and practice, all in a moral and healthy environment that families can be proud of.

Our teachers and learning specialists not only have a low student-to-teacher ratio in the classroom that allows for individualized attention and dedicated time for after-school extra help, but they also consistently provide academic guidance and actively support your child's progress. Our Learning Center Specialist is certified in both gifted education and certain learning difficulties and most have university degrees in education.

Basic 1-6: Character Moulding

For an extra cost, after-school care is available until 5:30 p.m. Students can play on the playground, read books, do crafts, play board games, or finish their homework during time, in prepaion for their final common entrance or primary school leaving school certificate examinations. 99% of our students make it to secondary school.

A Bright Outlook to Life

The applied technology program balances normal classwork and innovation, just like all other aspects of life at KIS. While the school makes adjustments every term, to better educate students for a world that is changing quickly, high academic standards are always maintained irrespective of these changes. Computer science projects are important and enthusiastically embraced as a part of the lower school learning experience. Today, technology is a key tool for learning. Every student spends time collaborating, building, and creating in our ork space.

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