Nursery School

The mission of the KIS Nursery school is to provide a world-class education in a welcoming and supportive environment where every student can succeed. The section is rooted in a safe and secure environment and promotes values to create role models for our community's youth and future leaders.

We provide a variety of educational activities and classes at KIS nursery school section that are suitable for students at the early ages of life. The sechool section consist of:

  • A foundational or CRECHE to provide support for nursing mothers who have to go to work
  • Two years of Pre-nursery school for children age 1 to 2- a preparatory level for the main kindergarten
  • and Three years of Nursery school education.

Nursery: A Preparatory Phase of Life

All children are to be developed to their full potential – socially, emotionally, physically, and academically – via active involvement with parents and families and working in conjunction with the experienced teachers. We are dedicated to offering a high-quality, comprehensive educational experience that places children's interests and developing needs squarely at the center. Our kindergarten students are strong, independent, and capable learners who have the potential to grow up to be adaptable, powerful change agents. Our mission is to give every child the greatest possible start in their educational career and to lay a solid basis for inspiring a passion of lifelong learning so they can succeed.

  • During their crucial group moments, the kids learn core principlas of life by way of recital and play. Key to our success are the following principles imbimbed into the training programs:
  • "Happiness": is the ability to feel secure and enjoy life.
  • Play and learn Inspiration: To be motivated and inspired, to provide a good example from the instructors.
  • Respect, care: for our environment, our community, each other, and ourselves
  • "Friendship": Establishing ties with others on a personal level, learning to respect the sentiments of others, and being authentic.
  • Having the "courage" to take risks, to persevere, and to strive to improve..

A Bright Outlook to Life

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