Senior Secondary School - SSS

Students at the KIS secondary sechool section, go to school to meet classmates who respect academic success and gifted Teachers who foster a climate of high expectations. Our parent community likewise supports this culture. Every grade level offers leadership opportunities to help students identify and develop their individual leadership potential and skills. The curriculum at KIS is expanded beyond the 6-3-3-4 national curriculum to place a strong emphasis on creating pupils who can analyze issues, and use information from the past to solve challenges, to assimilate new information, read and exercise critical thought, and thrive at communicating their expertise in writing and verbally.
Our students are prepared with these abilities, a standard liberal arts curriculum, and a unique IT studies program that not only get them into the best universities in the country but also thrive and excel there.

All of our instructors are devoted to their students, passionate about what they teach, and skilled at it. To provide pupils with a top-notch education, many of them hold higher degrees and continue their professional growth on a regular basis. As a matter of policy, only university graduates are employed as our faculties and 60% of our teachers have a degree in education. Our faculty in the upper school equips our students to take on greater responsibility, make wise decisions, and view the world from a larger perspective. The "best practices" in education, including project-based learning and the most recent findings in cognitive science, are always in the minds of teachers and administrators. We are a group of professionals and learners who work together to figure out what is best for our pupils.

Beyond Classroom Excercises

Out-of-town class activities strengthen basic values and foster peer relationships. Before graduating, all students must complete several hours of extra-curricula activities, and our students consistently go above and beyond our requirement. Sports, Debates, Science clubs, Music, Drama, Dancing Social SEervices are some activities our senior students engage in.

Academic Support and Enrichment

900% of KIS grads are accepted into Universities and Polytechnics every year, and the majority go to their top choice. When students are ready to start their university entrance preparations, KIS Counseling meets with them starting SSS 2 so that each pupil is familiar with the requirements needed to study their choice courses. Grade-level presentations and mock admissions interviews are available to students from SSS 1. Students in SSS 1 to SSS 3 travel to universities on statewide field trips to learn about the alternatives available at public and private institutions.

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