Arts & Socials

The KIS Art Society programs have given students and teachers who display great scholarship in the visual arts opportunity and recognition for several decades. It is more important than ever to interact with and recognize exceptional arts students in this times where art has greater value. Your children will gain a great deal from their involvement in art clubs. Peer recognition, opportunities for leadership development, scholarships and career preparation are some immediate benefit from particing in any of the following art clubs

For high school juniors and seniors who are passionate about the arts and would like to pursue them in a structured course of study, the visual arts is an exploration program. A well crafted arts curriculum, the High School Visual Arts program fosters students' intellectual, artistic, and emotional development. It is underlined that discipline is a crucial element of a good personal work ethic.

"Students who may not have received such support with their ambitions to be musicians, at their previous schools may find it highly enticing to attend school in a place where artists are appreciated, understood, and encouraged." The Nigerian Afro-Beat music industry makes 44 million dollars annually and the Nollywood film industry even makes more: about 590 million dollars per year. Every youngster we spoke with expressed excitement in their school's teachers. The teachers' dedication to assisting the students in developing their musical skills and maturing into well-rounded, assured, and responsible people also pleased the students.

The National Speech & Debate club, organises students who have plans for careers such as law and political science that involves public speaking and debate. The club provides the framework for speech and debate competitions all around the school. We provide a stage on which the voices of young people can be heard and honored, culminating in an annual tournament - the summit of public speaking.

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