Baseball, cheerleading, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, tae kwon do, and volleyball are among the sports done at the new KIS sports complex. The Sport-Club is an exclusively volunteer-only club, organized in collaboration with the physical and health subject teachers in all sections of the school company.

Every year KIS football team participates the national Principal cup competition. Soccer being Nigeria's foremost sport and a major revenue earner for both the individual and the nation, we encourage our students who show talents early to build on their skills and become disciplined professionals.

KIS is located in the Niger delta, a region in Nigeria famous for producing some of the fastest people on earth. Deltas regularly excel in tract and field events at the olympics and world championships. It is therefore important to identify and nurture talents from infancy. Thus, KIS athletics team are groomed to participate in national interhuse sports and the APSON biannual interschool sports competition.

The KIS basketball team is organized to encourage participation in tournaments with other schools. The objective is to guarantee participation in and success at these competitions. Here, successful participation is defined not just by performance on the court, but also by the enjoyment and sportsmanship gained from competing as a team. As a result, each event's annual Spirit Award is highly sought after around the world.

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